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I am a Research Fellow in the Dept. of Informatics at Centerstone Research Institute, and part of the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University. Casey Bennett

My work focuses on artificial intelligence and biomedical informatics, including the areas of robotics, human-robot interaction, data warehousing, machine learning, clinical decision support, and personalized medicine. I was the lead designer for Centerstone’s award-winning organization-wide Data Warehouse (2010 TDWI Best Practices Award) and the national Knowledge Network Data Warehouse, the largest ongoing clinical mental health data repository in the country. My work has also been featured as part of IBM's “Smarter Planet” campaign.

I am currently working on projects utilizing robots for therapeutic purposes in assisted living facilities, exploring the minimal features for
robotic faces that can display human-like facial expressions, multi-agent simulation modeling of diabetes, and artificial intelligence for simulating clinical decision-making in chronic illness.

The Links page has a number of media interviews and videos of presentations related to the above.


Selected Publications
  • Casey Bennett, Selma Sabanovic, Marlena Fraune, and Kate Shaw (2014) “Context congruency and robotic facial expressions: Do effects on human perceptions vary across culture?” IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human interactive Communication (RO-MAN).  In Press.  Robot_Culture_Congruency.pdf

  • Selma Sabanovic, Casey Bennett, Jennifer Piatt (2014) “Participatory design of socially assistive robots for preventive patient-centered healthcare.” IEEE IROS Workshop on Assistive Robotics for Individuals with Disabilities. In Press.  PD_Robots_Healthcare.pdf

  • Casey Bennett and Selma Sabanovic (2014) “Deriving minimal features for human-like facial expressions in robotic faces.” International Journal of Social Robotics.  6(3): 367-381.  MiRAE_Paper_Final.pdf

  • Casey Bennett and Tom Doub (2014) “Temporal modeling in clinical artificial intelligence, decision-making, and cognitive computing: Empirical exploration of practical challenges.”  Proceedings of the 3rd SIAM Workshop on Data Mining for Medicine and Healthcare (DMMH). Philadelphia, PA, USA.  TemporalModeling_in_Healthcare.pdf

  • Selma Sabanovic, Casey Bennett, and Hee Rin Lee (2014) “Towards culturally robust robots: A critical social perspective on robotics and culture.”  Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Workshop on Culture-Aware Robotics (CARS). Bielefeld, Germany.  Culturally_Robust_Robotics.pdf

  • Selma Sabanovic, Casey Bennett, Wan-Ling Chang, and Lesa Huber (2013) "PARO robot affects diverse interaction modalities in group sensory therapy for older adults with dementia."  Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR).  Seattle, Washington.  pp. 1-6.  PMID: 24187245  Paro_InteractionModalities.pdf

  • Casey Bennett and Selma Sabanovic (2013) “Perceptions of affective expression in a minimalist robotic face.” Proceedings of ACM/IEEE Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI).  Tokyo, Japan.  pp.81-82.

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  • Casey Bennett and Frederika Kaestle (2010) “Investigation of ancient DNA from western Siberia and the Sargat culture.” Human Biology. 82(2): 143-156.  PMID: 20649397

  • Casey Bennett and Frederika Kaestle (2006).  “A reanalysis of Eurasian population history: Ancient DNA evidence of population affinities.” Human Biology 78: 413-440. PMID: 17278619